Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fenimore Landfill

The residents of Roxbury have been long suffering from the government debacle called Fenimore Landfill and have waited a very long time to hear Governor Christie make a public statement about this mess. Now that he finally has, many in Roxbury are shocked, unhappy, and angry. I live in the Landing section of Roxbury Township and let me assure the Governor, the toxic fumes have invaded our homes, our schools, our township and beyond, and people ARE sick! If Christie had bothered to come to Roxbury and talked to the good people here first hand instead of listening to the claptrap propagated by the NJ DEP and DOH, he would know adults, children, and pets are enduring a multitude of health issues due to the toxic waste from the landfill. He would also clearly understand the people of Roxbury refuse to continue to be victims of our government’s incompetence and will accept nothing less than the DEP trucking out the toxic waste from the landfill no matter what it takes or for how many years. It is not enough for Governor Christie to be “mortified” about the circumstances caused by the landfill; he needs to do the right thing. If Christie cares anything about the quality of life in Roxbury and the future well-being of our children, he will order the removal of the landfill’s toxic waste. This is the only acceptable solution that will secure our right to live in a healthy environment and restore Roxbury to the beautiful township it once was before NJ politicians and government officials allowed Fenimore Landfill to be opened up and make our lives a living nightmare.

Fenimore Landfill is the perfect example of party politics vs. the will of the people. Time will tell if the incumbent Republican legislators from the 25th district stand by and fight with their constituents in Roxbury or take the side of their party leader, Christie. The situation's particularly interesting since double-dipping Assemblyman Bucco is also the Roxbury Town Attorney in the Fenimore Landfill matter. This conflict alone is a reason enough to vote out the Bucco father/son political dynasty team. It's time the people of Roxbury and all the citizens of the 25th district have the representation that is not secondary to party politics or questionable conflicts of interest. Remember, as voters you have the power to clean house come this November 5th. A vote for Castriotta as your State Senator is a vote for Independent, ethical representation. 

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