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Maureen Castriotta’s candid and resolute advocacy for children, the taxpayers, our veterans, and protection of our civil liberties, has earned her the reputation as a woman of the people having the courage of her convictions. A "Baby Boomer" born and raised in New York City, Maureen says it was inevitable her path in life would lead to her commitment to civic engagement and public service. “The seeds were planted at an early age by my loving parents; a tight knit, working class community; a parochial education; and growing up in an era of tumultuous, radical social change. There’s no doubt all were influencing factors but I owe an undying debt of gratitude primarily to my mom and dad for showing me the way. Their love, hard work, fortitude, and sacrifice for family, community, and country never wavered even during times of poverty and oppression. It was always about taking care of your responsibilities, reaching a hand out to others, and giving back for the greater good.” 

The loves of Maureen’s life are her husband of 39 years, Ralph, and their two grown, accomplished daughters, Kelly and Courtney. The family moved to Morris County, New Jersey in 1984 residing the first 5 years in Parsippany. Upon moving to the Landing section of Roxbury Township, Maureen quickly established herself as community, civic, and political activist. Primarily a devoted mom and homemaker, Maureen volunteered her time and skills to various community organizations, school and township committees, and political activities concentrating her efforts on the issues of public education and government reform and support of our country’s veterans.

As a member of the VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post #2833 in Kenvil since 2003, Maureen served two terms as Auxiliary President and was awarded “All American Auxiliary President 2006-07” by the VFW NJ State Department in recognition of meritorious and distinguished service to our nation’s veterans, troops, and the families. She is also the recipient of numerous first place “Outstanding Chairman” Citations for her contributions to the organization’s Americanism, Community Service, Youth Scholarship, and Publicity Programs.

In 2006, Maureen was elected to the Roxbury Township Board of Education and worked faithfully and tirelessly to ensure all Roxbury students were provided with the best education possible at a cost the taxpayers could afford. Her outspoken campaign for open government, parental and student rights, and control in school spending propelled Maureen to a second term in 2009 as the top-vote getter among six candidates for three seats. During her tenure as school board member, Maureen served as the board’s liaison to the Roxbury Town Council and chairman of both the Facilities and Shared Services committees. Through the collaborative efforts of the school administration and the board and township committee members, Maureen and her colleagues achieved cost savings while increasing the level of efficiency and productivity of school and township operations. Maureen also served on the board’s Education, Finance, Negotiations, and Strategic Plan Sub-Committee. In December 2012, Maureen ended her second term and was awarded recognition as a Certificated Board Member from New Jersey School Boards Association Board Member Academy.

Maureen’s most notable accomplishment as a school board member was her legal victory for a school board member’s right to free speech, due process, and indemnification. Castriotta vs. the Roxbury Twp. Board of Education resulted in the Commissioner of Education vacating the unlawful censure levied against Maureen by the Roxbury school board in May 2010. In a follow up ruling by the Appellate Court, Maureen won the right to indemnification of her attorney fees creating important case law for elected officials throughout New Jersey. The court decision cautioned the indemnification law must be liberally interpreted to encourage board members to freely express their views on educational issues without fear or intimidation.

Prior to registering as a unaffiliated voter in May 2012, Maureen gained extensive political experience as a member of both the Republican and Democratic parties. In addition to regularly attending school, municipal, county meetings and political functions, Maureen was selected by the Roxbury Republican County Committee in 2004 as one of three candidates considered for the appointment of a vacant seat on the Roxbury Town Council; served on the Roxbury Township Economic Development Committee; was a founding member of the Roxbury Township Memorial Day Parade Committee; completed the 2008 Democratic Step-Up Women’s Leadership Workshop; was elected in 2008 as a Roxbury Democratic Committee person; and performed numerous duties as a campaign volunteer for local, state, and Presidential candidates from both parties.

Maureen’s bird’s eye view of partisan politicians serving their parties’ interests rather than those of their constituents, convinced her the people of Morris County and New Jersey needed a third party option. She filed as an Independent candidate for Morris County Freeholder in the November 2012 election under the slogan “Buck The Parties”. Her loss for the Freeholder seat left her undeterred in her fight to upend entrenched machine politicians. Recognizing the political cronyism, patronage, and egregious conflicts of interests inflicted on our state government by Morris County’s Bucco father/son political dynasty, Maureen continues taking on the challenge to champion the will of the people for a stronger democracy as an Independent candidate for NJ State Senate in the 25th district.

From left to right: daughter Courtney; Maureen; daughter, Kelly; son-in-law, Keith; husband, Ralph


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