Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thank you and Buck the Parties!

My deepest heartfelt appreciation to all who have supported me and shown me such kindness during my campaign as Independent candidate for State Senate in the 25th district! It's been truly an honor to meet so many wonderful people,  have this extraordinary experience, and play a small part in our great democracy's political process!

I hope  you will give me the chance to work for you in the State Senate but no matter the outcome of this election, please know how proud I am to be an American citizen and that I will continue my lifelong passion of fighting for the greater good with the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

Thank you for taking the time to stay informed and using your right to vote. It's good citizens like you who are role models for our youth and are making a difference.

Now on to victory! Time to Buck the Parties!  Vote Column 3 and elect Independent candidate, Maureen Castriotta, for State Senate in the 25th district. Together we can end the entitled culture of NJ politics and bring common sense and common decency to NJ government!

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