What‘s become of our unalienable rights to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”?

Each of them has been trampled on by the Republican and Democratic parties that have converged into a two-headed monster with an insatiable appetite for money and power. The time has come to end the grip of the two-party system on our lives by opening up the arena for third party candidates. We must stop sending the same people back to Trenton who make deals to further and protect their own interests. It’s up to “we the people” to revitalize our democracy by taking back our government from the party political machines and candidates who have taken our money, our freedoms, and our quality of life.

My record as a former Roxbury school board member leaves no doubt I'm up for the job of challenging the status quo and championing the will of the people.

I will lead the charge to:

· End the Bucco Father/Son Political Dynasty                    

· Achieve Property Tax Relief                                                       

· Decrease Unemployment                   

· Promote School Choice & Tenure Reform

· End Pay-to-Play                                                             
· Fight for Pension and Ethic Reforms

· Reduce Government Fiefdoms through  
   Consolidation & Shared Services

· Decrease Regulations on Businesses

· Overhaul the DEP and DOH
· Lobby for Semi-Open Primaries and Term Limits

· Ensure quality benefits & services for our veterans & their families 

· Champion Women's & Human Rights

·  Legalize Same-Sex Marriage






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