Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thoughts from former U.S. Attorney General District of NJ, Chris Christie

Interesting thoughts about politicians from former U.S. Attorney General for the District of New Jersey, Chris Christie, now Governor of NJ, taken from the 4/25/07 issue of the News Transcript by Clare Marie Celano:

The U.S. attorney said some students may have parents who say voting does not matter, that all politicians are crooks and that it does not matter who you vote for. He acknowledged that many people in public service have given citizens reason to become cynical, but he urged the students not to become cynical.

"Rise above that feeling," Christie said. "It's easier to be cynical. It's easier to not care. It's easier to think that you cannot make a difference. It frees you from the obligation and responsibility to do anything about it. It's easier to say, it's not my problem and let someone else fix it. Unfortunately, no one else is fixing it. There are two types of people in politics, those who want to do something and those who want to be something - beware of those."

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