Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fenimore Landfill and Tonight's NJ Gubernatorial Debates

Tonight's NJ gubernatorial debate between Governor Christie and challenger, Senator Buono is being hosted by C-Span and NJTV. NJTV has been covering Roxbury Township's dire situation with Fenimore Landfill. It's one that reeks of corruption and cover-up. Whether by intention or not, NJ politicians & government officials allowed a convicted felon to reopen Fenimore Landfill with disastrous results - the good people of Roxbury are being poisoned by the exposure to the landfill's toxic waste and our quality of life is destroyed. We are NOT getting answers from our politicians, the NJ DEP, or Governor Christie as to why this situation was allowed to happen. Moreover, those impacted by the landfill are now suffering from health and quality of life issues but not receiving the financial help & comfort needed by the NJ DOH and State. Additionally, Governor Christie, who had remained uncharacteristically quiet about this situation for months, finally made a statement  saying the landfill waste will not be trucked out. The people of Roxbury are angry and at their wits end but we refuse to live under the shadow of Fenimore Landfill for generations to come!

On a recent "Ask the Governor" broadcast on 101.5 fm, Christie rightly said he was "mortified" by the landfill situation since this is all happening in his own back yard . I believe Fenimore Landfill will haunt him as a potential presidential candidate and may go down in history as "Christie's Folly" if he proceeds with giving the DEP the go ahead for an industrial scrubber as a solution rather than trucking the waste out and does not hold those responsible for the reopening of the landfill accountable for their actions.

The latest update from Bob Martin, the Commissioner of NJ DEP is that they are not guaranteeing the complete elimination of the toxic smell. This is just unacceptable!

People in Roxbury are so sick, leaving their homes, and are desperate for help yet Gov. Christie has still not come to Roxbury to talk to us or explained why this happened and what will happen with the landfill long term. Senator Buono has also not responded to our cries for help. Fenimore Landfill is an environmental crisis impacting not only the approximately 23,000 residents in Roxbury, but also thousands of our surrounding neighbors who are also victims of the landfill's toxic smell. The bottom line is Fenimore Landfill is destroying lives and we demand nothing less than complete cleanup of the landfill. 

I urge the hosts of this debate to ask both gubernatorial candidates during tonight's debate why the people of Roxbury are not getting help and answers from either of them and to give specific and definitive answers about the state's plans for the landfill.

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